Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"January 26 is just one big party"

Löysin aika hyvän tekstin koskien huomista päivää:

"  So let me get this straight - Australians get a day off just to go out drinking with their mates, have a barbie and enjoy some fireworks?

There are many things I have become a fan of since arriving Down Under – surfing, TimTams, Angus & Julia Stone – but so far this has to be the best.


Here in Australia though, it seems for the people I have met so far the meaning of this annual event is clear and when I ask exactly what Australia Day is for, they all pretty much give the same reply - “lots of drinking with our mates”.


But mostly, it seems, January 26 is just one big party where the Aussie flag is made into t-shirts, painted on faces and stuck on cars for everyone to see.


The best part of this day though is not just the fact that it is 24 hours to celebrate everything and anything great about your country, it’s the fact that everyone is invited. Even a naïve, fresh off the boat outsider like me.... "

 Tekstiä kopioitu täältä.

Aika lupaavalta näyttää!


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